The download products offered by TurboTax intuit are for people who are single, people who have children, people who own a business, etc. The meaning of download products is that you download a set of instructions based on basic, Deluxe, Premier and Home and Business solutions. These four different packages involve different number of features. These download products are very helpful and one can use them for future reference also.

Categorization of these packages

Download products by TurboTax intuit has been divided into two levels. One is faith and the other is Federal. When you take any of these packages, you may get State download files and/or federal e-files.

Some Concerns to be addressed

Sole Proprietor: You are a sole proprietor or if you own a small business and still nobody has told you about tax savings; you need to download products of the TurboTax intuit so that you can save some money and invested sagaciously. If you have been in business for long with the same experience of filing income tax returns, it’s high time you do it as early as possible.

Partnership Firm: If you have a partnership firm for a corporation, then again the provisions related to filing income tax returns and the area where you can save money by maximizing deductions and credits could be widened.

Rental Property: The third major concern that normally people face is that they have sold stock or bonds or they own a rental property. When one has a rental piece of property, he has to pay rent for it either from the income while giving service to some employer or the income generated from that property. This has to be shown while filing Returns. Otherwise one will be paying taxes that he is not supposed to and suffering losses.