TurboTax is kind of software for tax preparation. It was developed in America by Mr. Michael A. Chipman. Mr Chipman was the founder of Chipsoft Inc. in the mid 1980s, Chipsoft Inc. The name of TurboTax for Mac was Macin tax. Macin tax was developed by SoftView. SoftView was also a company which was acquired by Chipsoft. However the original developer of TurboTax remains Michael A. Chipman. Chipsoft was in San Diego. Chipsoft is now called as Intuit consumer tax group.

TurboTax is very popular in the United States Income Tax preparation software packages.

Intuit Inc.

Intuit Inc. is a software company in the field of business and finance. It deals in financial, accounting and tax preparation software and associated services. Intuit
Inc. caters to small business houses, Accountants and individuals. Its headquarters is in Mountain View, California. Intuit Inc. acquired Chipsoft in 1993.

TurboTax intuit

The new name given to Intuit after acquiring TurboTax of Chipsoft is TurboTax Intuit. The headquarters of intuit Corporation is in Mountain View, California.
Intuit consumer tax group works from San Diego, California. TurboTax intuit is unethical organization dedicated and committed towards the best quality service
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Our vision

The vision of TurboTax Intuit is to make everyone well aware of tax preparation.Everyone should be known to the difficulties while filing income tax return. They must be capable of solving them. Visualize that tax preparation should not be a hard nut to crack.

Our mission

The first point on the list of the missions is definitely completing the golden jubilee of TurboTax intuit while adding value to your financial lives. We want to double the number of clients that we have served in 25 years. We want to reach as many people as possible and solve the problems related to tax calculations.

Features of TurboTax software

TurboTax Deluxe, TurboTax premier, etc are some of the different versions of TurboTax. There are several versions of TurboTax. It is possible to file income tax
returns using TurboTax for both Federal and state income tax returns in the US. It also provides our clients extra assistance for their self prepared returns.

The Products

TurboTax intuit offers a wide range of products. There are online products, CD/download products, mobile products, self employment taxes, small business
taxes, military, TurboTax advantage, etc. TurboTax has all the products visiting your requirement of taxation. TurboTax intuit is fit for you whether you are an
entity or an individual. We have a rich experience of 25 years. The silver jubilee is sufficient to tell the success stories so far. Service industry always works when
people speak highly of you. They are none other than our valuable clients who have helped us build a great level of credibility.

TurboTax blogs

TurboTax intuit gives an opportunity to the clients to share their experiences by writing their blogs. It would help many other people filing tax as it is a complex
process. They are especially helpful for individuals. Business houses can take due advantage from them. All our clients are requested to write blogs and share their
experiences regarding the issues they faced and how the issues got resolved.